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Embedded software engineer

  • Number2
  • Workplace No. 388 Building 8, floor 10,shuang Lian Road Qingpu District Shanghai CHINA
  • Dealnegotiable
  • Release Date2016-10-25
  • ValidityNo limit



1.chip testing(CPU,Layer2/3Switch,GE-PON,VDSL,WirelessLAN)

2. soft development experience on hard driver related ,network protocol, and develop smart device

4.develop Win CE driver


1.bachelor degree at least,more than 3 years working experiences,28-35 years old

2.can speak English smoothly

3.develop experience on BSP,driver ,EmbeddedOS:Real-TimeLinux,VxWorks,Nuclears and etc.

4. more the 3 years on develop experience under UNIX system

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